Company Overview

Company History and Mission
Dave Easom Petroleum Geologist, LLC. is located in historic Natchez, Mississippi, where our company philosophy is to generate, drill, develop, and produce oil and gas profitably.

The company was founded in 1985 when Dave Easom, a Petroleum Geologist, realized a desire to establish professional independence. As challenging as it was during the industry downturn in the mid- to late-1980's, a clear vision and hard work produced results. Dave Easom as a geologist has generated prospects in the region resulting in multiple oil and gas discoveries.

Geological Overview

Dave Easom, Petroleum Geologist, has 25+ years of exploratory, development, and geological consulting experience. Professional geological experience includes exploratory and developmental geology throughout a variety of geological trends in the Gulf Coast Region.

Within the last 22 years Dave Easom, as an independent Petroleum Geologist, has generated and drilled numerous Wilcox, Frio, and Lower Tuscaloosa prospects for internal exploration and for outside clients, resulting in multiple oil and gas discoveries.

In addition, Mr. Easom has provided consulting geological services for various external geological projects, well-site geological evaluations, and regulatory geological representation.

Exploration & Development

Internal Projects

Dave Easom Production Company, Inc. plans to continue internal prospect generation in the Wilcox trend of Southwest Mississippi and North Central Louisiana.

The generation of Wilcox Prospects is done by subsurface methods, with well depths ranging from 4,000'-9,000'. Due to the low cost to drill and complete these types of prospects, these projects are very economically viable with the current prices of crude oil.

The following are the general parameters for Wilcox Oil Prospects:

General Parameters
  • Average depth of wells 4,000'-9,000'
  • Primarily Oil
  • No abnormal pressures

Typical Reservoir Properties
  • Porosity averages approximately 30%
  • Permeability ranges from approximately 100md -1200md
  • Recovery factors range from 500-1100 BO/Ac-Ft
  • Reservoir thickness ranges from 3'-30'
  • Oil gravity ranges from 32-42 degrees
  • Extremely effective water drive with no secondary recovery
  • Initial production rates are typically maintained at 80-120 BOPD
  • Reserves of 500,000 to 2,000,000 BO are anticipated

Oil and Gas Operations

Operational Functions
Dave Easom Production Company, Inc. plans to continue operating its own internal oil and gas properties, which will include any new properties discovered on future exploratory projects. We believe that a "hands on" approach to operating allows us to most effectively and efficiently keep operating costs low, allowing for higher profit margins.

In addition, Dave Easom Production Company, Inc. will continue to contract services for outside operations. In contracting our services we believe that we can also more efficiently and effectively operate for our clients, allowing for higher profit margins.

The most recent company- and industry-related news, along with details on our current projects, can be found in our company newsletter, The Latest Developments. For more information about Dave Easom Production Company's professional qualifications and services, please contact us.

The Latest Developments


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