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Consulting Projects

In addition to pursuing internal projects, Dave Easom Production Company, Inc. plans to continue consulting work with other independent oil and gas companies. The primary focus of this exploratory effort consists of shallow Frio Gas and Lower Tuscaloosa Oil / Gas in Southwest Mississippi and North Central Louisiana.

The generation of these Frio / Lower Tuscaloosa Prospects is done primarily by geophysical methods with subsurface integration. With the low cost to drill and complete these types of prospects, these projects are also very economically viable with the technology utilized and the current prices for both oil and natural gas.

The Frio Gas Prospects include the following general parameters:

General Parameters
  • Average depths of approximately 4,000'
  • Dry gas
  • No abnormal pressures
  • Good gas marketability
  • Geophysically identified by direct hydrocarbon detection either by 2D or 3D seismic

Typical Reservoir Properties
  • Porosity ranges from 27% to 34%
  • Permeability generally ranges from 100md to 2000md
  • Recovery factors range from 500-750 MCF/Ac-Ft
  • Reservoir thickness ranges from 3'- 40'
  • Multiple gas sands frequently occur
  • Initial production rates generally maintained at 150 to 500 MCFGPD
  • Typical reserves of 250,000 MCF to 2 BCF are anticipated

The Lower Tuscaloosa Prospects include the following general parameters:

General Parameters
  • Average depth of 11,000'- 12,000'
  • Oil and/or Gas
  • No abnormal pressures expected
  • All prospects are geophysically identified and when applicable supported by subsurface.

Typical Reservoir Properties
  • Porosity averages approximately 26%
  • Permeability generally ranges from 30-300md
  • Recovery factors range from 175-250 BO/Ac-Ft
  • Reservoir thickness ranges from 10'-50'
  • Oil gravity 38-58 degrees
  • Generally water drive or combination water drive/depletion drive
  • Initial production rates are 200-400 BOPD and 1,000 to 2,000 MCFGPD
  • Reserves of 1,000,000 to 7,000,000 BO or gas equivalent


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